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The latest and upcoming realme mobile phones of 2019 are mid-range blasters. These are having much better performance than the other last realme smartphones because of there improved specifications and by adding the new features. The upcoming Realme smartphones are : Realme XT Pro: Rs. 22,999  Dual Sim slots,3 G , 4G , VoLTE Wi-Fi […]

Sensors Which Can Be Used In Telepathy

According to HINDU religions(Dev-grants) it is believed that in Saatyug the Mahatma’s contacts with each other by mind contact and this is called as telepathy (scientifically). In this, a telepathic message send to a partner in transit to “pick up mile on your way home. In our advanced scientific researches, it is predicted that it may be […]

How To Get Domains And Hosting To Work On WordPress

For your online presence and entrepreneurs in the process of starting a new venture or business (that is to elaborate it ) your first step has to open a new Domain name as you can use it for better business management in your future. Which is called as a website it represents your creativity online […]