These days we all using the android operating system.Is you know about the androids operating system? How it works in touchscreen mobiles such as the smartphones and tablets? What are new and developed Android version and their updates?

Android is a modified new developed Linux based operating system which are developed by GOOGLE for our touchscreen phones and tablets. It is developed version of Linux Kernel and other open source softwares. They developing these operating system regularly and these are updated easily in android-one phones. The new updated 2019 version is just released on 3rd September of 2019. These updated versions having the stronger privacy protection, with better new options which have more better user interfaces for their interaction with their applications and the data safety. It was designed in year 2003 in California.

The ARM architecture platform, hardware support the android software.Generally it easily supports the applications to which we are using into our daily life, with million of applications it is more interactive for user in their daily life.Maximum of applications are free to use in android that is no cost for using them except some applications to which we have buy to use.

The Linux Kernel is as backbone of this operating system which supports the hardware drivers .