Quantum Computing

About Classical Computers

We already experiencing the benefits of classical computing currently. But it has some limits after there advantages. Such as the classical computers having limited or single range of calculation parts.
We are now developing a new type of a device that is more precise and accurate in comparison to the classical computers. Such as in mathematical calculations, for better security codes and so much other new developed factors.

Since it can work above a certain size and complexity in comparison to the classical computers but how?


This device is called a Universal Quantum Computers, which is based over the quantum computing. Quantum computing just leverages the quantum mechanical phenomena to manipulate into the qubits or Quantum bits.

Working of Quantum Computers

Generally, in the classical computers, the data is stored or transferred into the form of the Binary Numbers which is 0 or 1 that is the basic digital logic you need to know.
But as in quantum computers, these data saved or transfer into the form of Qubits or Quantum-bits. It is just based on theĀ 
Superposition, Interference and Entanglement.

Based on

The superposition, Interference and Entanglement are the basics ideas for developing the quantum computers that is how they work.

They generally using the concepts of the Quantum theories of chemistry in which we studied about there valencies, how they are bonded together and energy.

Here when the data transfer occurs in quantum computing they are having so much more potential to process the data exponentially in comparison to the classical computers. Because of the above three factors Interference and Entanglement and the Superposition.

It just operates according to the quantum state of an object to produce which is known as the Quantum bits or Qubits.
These state objects have the undefined properties before detection.


The quantum algorithms can be used to provide better security codes, to minimize the time required for any tasks during computing and to minimize the size of devices. As in quantum theory there exists electron, proton and neutron inside an atom with the nucleus that is they having too small size in comparison to other things of matter.